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Our fee structure is based on the recommended rates provided by The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA).
SLP services may be covered by your extended health care insurance under  the "Medical Rehabilitation" section.  SpeechAbility will issue a receipt upon payment that can be submitted by clients for reimbursement.
Methods of payment include cheque, cash or e-transfer.
A $35.00 fee is applicable for NFS cheques
SpeechAbility: Speech Language Assessments
SpeechAbility: Fun, Effective Therapy



  • Speech-Language Assessment: $150.00-$175.00 per hour

  • Report Writing/ Written Correspondence of results including email: $135.00 per hour


Assessment sessions vary in length based on the complexity of the difficulties a child is experiencing.

A typical speech-only assessment may last 45 minutes to 1 hour. For an older child requiring a complex language evaluation including reading and writing, the assessment may take 2-3 hours.


Assessments may include formalized test batteries and informal assessment of a child's communication skills.

SpeechAbility Provides Parent, Family and School Consultations



  • Attendance at IEP meetings $100.00 per hour

  • Parent Consultations $135.00 per hour

  • Teacher consultations or other professionals, in person by phone or email $135.00 per hour



  • 1 hour session:  $135.00

  • 45 minute session:  $100.00

  • 30 minute session: $75.00(available at Trafalgar Ridge Montessori or a preschool or school setting where more than two children are being treated).


  • $10.00 travel fee for out of office visits further than 1-3 km from the office 5-15

  • $20.00 travel fee for out of office visits 3-10 km from the office

  • $30.00 travel fee for out of office visits 10-20 km from the office.


Treatment sessions vary in length based on the complexity of the difficulties a child is experiencing.  Appropriate session  length and frequency will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the first session commencing.


Stuck in the Snow-Let us know

Session Cancellation Policy


  • 24 hour notice of session cancellation session is required

  • If an appointment is missed without notice  the client will be billed 50% of the appointment fee.

  • Cancellations that occur because of inclement weather or emergencies will not be billed.

  • Timely cancellations allow us to help other families that may be waiting for an assessment or therapy session.

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