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Below is a list of forms that you will need to print and fill out prior to your first session at SpeechAbility.  Please the forms out as completely as possible. If you do not have a printer please email and she will mail the forms to you.
SpeechAbility Provides Parent, Family and School Consultations



  • Attendance at IEP meetings $100.00 per hour

  • Parent Consultations $135.00 per hour

  • Teacher consultations or other professionals, in person by phone or email $135.00 per hour

Stuck in the Snow-Let us know

Session Cancellation Policy


  • 24 hour notice of session cancellation session is required

  • If an appointment is missed without notice  the client will be billed 50% of the appointment fee.

  • Cancellations that occur because of inclement weather or emergencies will not be billed.

  • Timely cancellations allow us to help other families that may be waiting for an assessment or therapy session.

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