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Speech Language Tips

Tips for Parents and Caregivers for Language Development

Below is a collection of websites offering tips on how to facilitate language and speech development.  I have included a brief description of what the website pages offer to assist in locating the information needed.  This page is update regularly so do check back or join SpeechAbility on facebook to get updates.

Language Development is a Social Skill

The Hanen Centre offers parent tips for interacting with children depending their child's level of language development.  The offer several programs and the book "It Takes Two to Talk" which is an excellent resource with practical tips for fostering communication development.

Key Words: Birth to 5 Language development tips

The American Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologist developed a campaign for early identification of Communication and hearing issues in children.  This site includes tips for parents.

It includes a good videos on babies and technology.

Key Words: Signs to identify Speech, Language and Hearing issues; Parent tips, babies and technology

This site offer tips for asissting your child from toddler to grade three to develop reading skills. The toddler page is marked, by scrolling to the bottom of the page you find information on other age ranges.

Key Words: Developing Reading Skills

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